Iran is a menace to Humanity. Period.

After calm returned to Egypt and Tunez I decided to review history and went back to look the April, 2009  videos of the Conference on Racism that was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

Here’s the video of the speech of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad,

Iran’s government is really a dangerous menace for the peace and stability of the world. Their philosophical fundamentals are founded on hate, historicism, military agression, backwardness, repression of individual rights and irrationality. There is no way a government can think of “negotiations” or “peaceful talkings” with a country like that; you have to really be against Reason and Humanity to support a peaceful approach to those assasins,

Obama in a video claiming that Iran is not a threat

Iran is a world menace and they are willing to eliminate anyone who opposes their religious destiny and political goals. Iran is a menace that will compromise humanity & peace; why is it that people decides to blind themselves of evident acts of hate? I just don’t get people…

About dialogues in Israel, Guatemala or… Timbuktu

So called “Peace-Supporters” believe that it is good to participate in dialogues when you have two opposing ideas.  This dialogues are created to balance positions (ideologies) and, as such, to create a half way between X’s ideas and Y’s.  However, the real problem arises when, in several cases, we reject that those different ideologies do have truth in themselves.

The art of finding what is truth or not is the product of recognizing reality.  It is the art of accepting reason as man’s only means of knowledge and as man’s only valuable tool to identify which position is right, objective, consistent and non contradictory in its philosophical principles.

The story of recent international problems that disrupt peace and avoid humans to create wealth could easily be solved if men were ready to stop dialogues and begin a process of discovering what is truth in each of their dilemmas.  Doing this, as complicated as it sounds, is the only solution that places of conflict like Somalia or Israel have; and that poor societies like Guatemala or Haiti so desperately need.

To understand how dialogues destroy people, here’s a wonderful comic by the cartoonist Stephan Pastis that explains accurately the solutions at which dialogues will always aim, (click on the images to watch them larger)