MOVIE TEASER: Atlas Shrugged – Chapter 2 – The Chain

Our friend Luis Figueroa just shared with us a wonderful teaser for the Atlas Shrugged Part 1 (based on Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged) in which Hank Rearden, one of the key characters of the novel, unveils to his family a wonderful invention: the Rearden Metal.

Video: Movie teaser – Hank Rearden comes home

The scene was wonderfully portrayed in the movie (based on Part 1, Chapter II “The Chain” in Atlas Shrugged).  The scene elaborates in one of the novels most important messages: the virtue of selfishness and its relations to love. The virtue of selfishness in practice means to value oneself (and one’s creations) as the most important things on Earth; and to share one’s creations only with those whom we share values and ideals.  The Rearden Metal was the result (the product of selfish work) done by Hank Rearden to pursue his goals and values, and to share his creations with those whom he loved.  As it was shown in the scene, that is something his wife (Lilian Rearden) couldn’t value demostrating that she didn’t love his husband.

¡Enjoy it!