Conferencia: Cambios evolutivos a gran velocidad, por Daniel Matute

La Biblioteca Ludwig von Mises y la Universidad Francisco Marroquín organizan eventos cada año para celebrar el Día de Darwin. Esta vez invitaron al biólogo y microbiólogo Daniel Matute a hablar sobre los estudios de laboratorio sobre los cambios evolutivos que se dan en ciertos grupos.

Videoconference: Arts and Science

“Almost all Nobel laureates in the sciences are actively engaged in arts as adults. They are twenty-five times as likely as average scientist to sing, dance, or act; seventeen times as likely to be an artist; twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature; eight times more likely to do woodworking or some other craft; four times as likely to be a musician; and twice as likely to be a photographer.” — Bob Root-Bernstein, Ph. D., physiologist and MacArthur Fellow. (Via S.C. Kavassalis)

Video: Uses of Science & technology in which they are applied to Art and viceversa (en inglés).

In this video: Forest Whitaker, Actor, Wyclef Jean, Musician, Producer and Social Activist, Chris DeWolf, CEO, mySpace and James Wiatt, Chairman and CEO, William Morris Agency

Why Evolution is True. An interview with Jerry Coyne.

This year astonishing facts regarding Evolution were published by various sources,

Isn’t it scary that in the 21st. Century still more than 50% of Americans do not believe in Evolution as a truth? Can you imagine the percentages in other countries and societies?

Jerry Coyne is the author of the book “Why Evolution is True” and in the following interview he presents fantastically his answers on some of the most common questions regarding Evolution.  Hope you enjoy it,

Video: Interview with Jerry Coyne. Courtesy of New Media UFM.