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The Cult of the Presidency: America’s Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power
Examines how Americans have expanded presidential power over recent decades by expecting solutions for all national problems, and concludes by calling for the president’s role to return to its properly defined constitutional limits.
Hardback $16.95 $7.95
The Right to Earn a Living jacketThe Right to Earn a Living: Economic Freedom and the Law
Charts the history of the fundamental human right of economic liberty—a right America’s founders thought so basic it didn’t need to be mentioned in the Bill of Rights—and reveals the many ways in which the right to earn a living is threatened today.
Hardback $25.95 $12.95
This antidote to a rising tide of protectionist sentiment offers a defense of free trade, which tells the underreported story of how a more global U.S. economy has created better jobs and higher living standards for American workers.
Hardback $14.95 $7.95
The Beautiful Tree: A Personal Journey into How the World’s Poorest People Are Educating Themselves
An inspiring journey into the lives of families and teachers in the poorest communities of India, Africa, and China who have successfully created their own private schools in response to failed public education.
Hardback $12.95 $6.95
Crisis of Abundance jacket Crisis of Abundance:  Rethinking How We Pay for Healthcare
America’s health care troubles largely stem from a great success: modern medicine can do much more today than it could in the past. So, what’s the trouble? How to pay for it. The way we finance health care matches neither the needs of patients nor the way medicine is practiced.
Paperback $7.95 $4.95
How Progressives Rewrote the Constitution jacketHow Progressives Rewrote the Constitution
This book explores the fundamental shift in political and economic thought of the Progressive Era and how the Supreme Court was used to transform the Constitution into one that reflected the ideas of their own time, while undermining America’s founding principles.
Paperback $7.95 $5.95
The Best Laid Plans jacketThe Best Laid Plans:  How Government Planning Harms Your Quality of Life, Your Pocketbook, and Your Future
Reveals how government attempts to do long-range, comprehensive planning inevitably do more harm than good by choking American cities with congestion, making housing markets more unaffordable, and sending the cost of government infrastructure skyrocketing.
Hardback $14.95 $7.95
The Politics of Freedom jacketThe Politics of Freedom: Taking on the Left, the Right, and Threats to our Liberties
One of the leading libertarian commentators in the nation, David Boaz offers his unique and often surprising views on such hot-button issues as federal spending, individual rights, drugs, immigration, the war on terror, education, and government intrusion into private lives.
Hardback $22.95 $11.95



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About dialogues in Israel, Guatemala or… Timbuktu

So called “Peace-Supporters” believe that it is good to participate in dialogues when you have two opposing ideas.  This dialogues are created to balance positions (ideologies) and, as such, to create a half way between X’s ideas and Y’s.  However, the real problem arises when, in several cases, we reject that those different ideologies do have truth in themselves.

The art of finding what is truth or not is the product of recognizing reality.  It is the art of accepting reason as man’s only means of knowledge and as man’s only valuable tool to identify which position is right, objective, consistent and non contradictory in its philosophical principles.

The story of recent international problems that disrupt peace and avoid humans to create wealth could easily be solved if men were ready to stop dialogues and begin a process of discovering what is truth in each of their dilemmas.  Doing this, as complicated as it sounds, is the only solution that places of conflict like Somalia or Israel have; and that poor societies like Guatemala or Haiti so desperately need.

To understand how dialogues destroy people, here’s a wonderful comic by the cartoonist Stephan Pastis that explains accurately the solutions at which dialogues will always aim, (click on the images to watch them larger)

Lo dijo Mike Wallace hace medio siglo

Los puntos de vista de Ayn Rand son aún relativamente poco conocidos en Estados Unidos.  Pero si alguna vez llegaran a prevaler, revolucionarían nuestras vidas.

La anterior es la opinión del famoso periodista y entrevistador estadounidense Mike Wallace que de esta manera hizo la presentación de Ayn Rand y sus ideas en el programa que grabó en el año 1959.  Han pasado 51 años desde que esta grabación se hizo popular y solamente en el año 2009 se vendió más de 1 millón de obras de sus obras en Estados Unidos.  Sus estudios en filosofía, política y economía son más relevantes que nunca.  Los invito a escuchar esta entrevista dividida en tres partes para conocer su visión de un mundo posible, un mundo en el que los hombres podríamos buscar la felicidad y en el que no habría incentivos para delinquir o violar los derechos de los demás.

¿Y cuál es esa filosofía?

En la filosofía de vida que reconoce que,

  • la realidad existe como absoluta y objetiva,
  • que la mente del hombre utiliza la razón para percibir lo que existe,
  • que la moral es racional y objetiva, y puede explicarse por medio de la lógica.  Es una moralidad que no se basa en la fe, en caprichos arbitrarios o en emociones irracionales,
  • la moral se basa en la vida del hombre como el estándar de valor para tomar decisiones,
  • la razón es absoluta y es la única guía de acción,
  • el hombre debe seguir los juicios independientes de su propia mente,
  • que el logro más importante para el hombre es conseguir su propia felicidad,
  • que el hombre debe respetar a otras personas y no forzarlas a hacer nada, tal y como, esa persona no debe aceptar ser forzada por nadie a actuar contra su voluntad,
  • que cada hombre debe vivir como un fin en sí mismo y perseguir su propio interés racional,

Parte 1

Parte 2

Parte 3