Un poco de humor sobre el poder absoluto

El poder tiende a corromper y el poder absoluto corrompe absolutamente. Lord Acton

Siempre que pienso en la frase de Lord Acton me recuerdo de Marta Yolanda Díaz-Durán y su programas con transmisión online de la estación de radio Libertopolis.

Porque tiene mucha razón al repetir una y otra vez a los guatemaltecos una de las frases más importantes para entender la historia humana.  Claro, sí y sólo si, estás de acuerdo con la vertiente histórica de los que disfrutamos de leer a Foucalt.

Pero bueno, encontré este chiste en la página overheard.com y me recordé de ella:

Teacher: I’m leaving for a few minutes. Ted, you’re in charge.
Ted: Alright, everyone get naked.

Where? High School Classroom.

Englewood, Colorado vía: Power Corrupts, Short-Lived Power Corrupts Immediately


The power of intellectuals

“Sowell (Thomas Sowell) points out that intellectuals want others to be forced to submit to their ideas, while remaining blithely oblivious to their negative results.” John Swayze’s comment in Facebook

This is exactly what is happening with a long list of so-called intellectual in what you may consider the socialist and colectivists groups of Guatemala regarding a Constitutional reform proposed by a group of academics in ProReforma.  The proposal aims to correct some of Guatemala’s Constitutional Articles that violate the rights to property, individual freedom, and that seeks to create better checks and balances, and government controls.

Guatemala is today one of the most corrupt  and dangerous countries of the world.  Daily, dozens of men die because of crimes in populated areas of the country and every day it is a lot harder to keep a business open without suffering the consequences of corruption.

I have lived here for 25 years and I can truly say that we are not doing better.  Criminals have taken control of government and corruption is widespread.  ProReforma is the only viable solution proposed by an intellectual elite since the 80s.