Q and A on Ayn Rand’s ideas with Mr. Bhaskar Patel

A couple weeks ago I started an interesting discussion with Mr. Bhaskar Patel, a General Manager that lives in Houston, Texas.  He’s member of a LinkedIn Group about Objectivism and the ideas of Ayn Rand.

Our discussion is condensed in the following post and I am sure some of our commentaries will be of your interest.

  • How will you apply Rand’s Objectivist Philosophy in China, Africa, parts of the middle-east or South-east Asia

Objectivism is a complete philosophy and as such, it studies fundamental problems that concern humanity.  Objectivism is not a philosophy for Western Humans (if anything like that truly existed).  No matter if culture is different; the following principles of Objectivism still apply a) of reality exists independent of consciousness; b) individuals are in direct contact with this reality through sensory perception; c) Human beings can gain objective knowledge from perception through the process of concept formation and inductive and deductive logic; d) that the proper moral purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness.

  • How is ‘Capitalism’ misunderstood in many parts of the world; & what are you able to do about it

Capitalism is misunderstood since it is interpreted by a socialist discourse.  George Reisman wrote a great Treatise on Capitalism in which he explained what capitalism really is.  I recommend you to check it.

Currently, the discourse about what Capitalism is, goes as this: it is a system of wealth creation by control of the means of production by powerful men (it seems we forgot to acknowledge that those men wheren’t rich before).  It is known as an economic system (not as a social system) that doesn’t has moral principles on which to hold it.  The Socialist discourse explains that Capitalism answers solely to the survival of the fittest and that the fittest has always been the powerful and wealthy.

What we can do to teach people is to show them that A) Capitalism is the only social system that is moral since it considers individuals happiness as its moral standard.  B) Capitalism is the only system that depends of win-win commerce for everyone in order to be sustainable and expand.  C)  Capitalism is a social system that needs a government that will ensure that individual’s rights are protected.  D) It is a system that depends on education of the principles of economy to its members and in keeping them safe and healthy; therefore, while it won’t grant free education and health it will spontaneously provide it by private institutions and benevolence.  E) Capitalism is a social system that will enforce peace and disincentive the use of force.

  • What happens if/when ‘people’s philosophy that is consistent with their own pursuit of happiness and liberty’ can’t or don’t co-exist

If you mean what happens when you have a Buddhist neighbor whose neighbors are Jewish and Catholics; the answer is that nothing will happen if they respect each other.  If these people freely decided to live and work in an area were culture is different they do so because in their own scale of values they were earning a lot more of something.  Now, if they were forced to live together then we have to ask ourselves who’s the one who forced them to coexist? why?  At some point, the only power capable of forcing people to live together is a government that doesn’t respect it’s citizens rights of freedom.  This is the example of what is going on right now in Middle East, Kashmir, parts of Africa.

  • When will we learn that ‘freedom’ includes & can exist only when it includes freedom for all but not freedom to hurt,snatch, steal, lie, defraud, etc nor freedom to en-slave, or to enforce practices or principles in the name of a religion

Freedom is a negative right that enables people to do anything they want except violate other’s rights and their freedom.  That being said, we’ll learn this economic principle only when the government we established respects this right and doesn’t violate it.

  • What should be done in the US about the Social Security Benefits, VA, Medicare, Medicaid, the Unemployment-benefit, K-12 Public School Systems etc

Ideally it should have never been a government industry.  Since it is, and it is a huge government structure that employs thousands of people you cannot eliminate it in just one day.  What should be done is the following: A) Educate all Americans on why it is wrong to have a government that “freely” gives Social Security Benefits, VA, Medicare, Medicaid, the Unemployment-benefit, K-12 Public School Systems, etc.  Once they learn it and understand the philosophical reasons why it is wrong then you could start a process of elimination of those structures and a privatization of the system.  Spontaneously, as you teach people that having these services provided by a private industry they will start hiring them from private institutions and competition will grow, prices will fall and more options will be available in the market.  This same process has happened in every other industry and there’s no reason why we would think that it won’t happen in health and education.  Curiously, many countries in Latin America have more private schools and universities than State owned schools.  The same happens about private health services and medical insurance.

  • Should Canada or UK abolish the single-payer health care program.

Of course they should.  This should be done by a process that will surely take the life of at least one generation; but it should be done.

  • What about the status of undocumented migrants in the US

Well, this is a long story.  Undocumented migrants in the US have been the enablers of the progress of the US for generations.  It is a country built by innovative immigrants that decided to go independent and become rich.  There are many examples of immigrants that became wealthy and their descendants now appear in the most important magazines and newspapers of the US.

However, there were a couple of those Americans who started to fear they were going to lose the power they had.  They decided that America wasn’t anymore a country built for the smartest, most capable and more creative humans.  As such, the US government started considering undocumented migrants as a lower class of humans and what we see today is its outcome.

First, the US government needs to ratify that immigrants are humans and have the same rights as the rest of Americans.  Second, you have to enable a legalization system for those immigrants that have shown for many years to be productive, stable, hardworking people.  They should be able to be legal as soon as possible! You need people like this to be a richer and wealthy country!

Those men and women who are undocumented and haven’t shown to be productive men should be warned that either they make a change in their status quo or they will be asked to go back to their countries.  You want the best men you can get to be in your country; you don’t need those men who are going to feed from your welfare nor your neighbors’.

  • What about the ‘refugee’ programs in several nations in the Western Europe or the North America

Refugee programs were an international instrument created to help those civilians that were menaced by a government that discriminated against them because of their culture, ethnicity, social status, etc.  These people needed to be protected not because they were foreigners, but because they were humans that had no opportunity to defend themselves.  If you are a member of a country founded on the principle that that the proper moral purpose of one’s life is the pursuit of one’s own happiness you are going to protect and defend any individual that asks for your help; in as much as you can help them.  It is true that those refugees need all your help; they only have a bag and some clothes; it is in your right to help them by giving them the tools to work and create wealth.  They are surely going to be a workforce that may be needed in your country’s industries.  It would be wrong to keep them isolated and living out of your welfare without any incentive to work and make a living.  I’m sure there are plenty smart minds in those refugee camps that could be a benefit to your country.

  • Is there any role for UN, IMF, the World bank etc in Ms. Rand’s world or that of her followers

Ayn Rand believed that the UN enabled communism to spread in the world.  I agree with her and consider it one of the most disastrous organizations ever created.  The UN is now corrupt and is a place were dictators and so called democrats sit to discuss how to split the world to who is more powerful and has petro-dollars.  I believe in bilateral relations for diplomacy and international commerce; you need bilateral reciprocity in order for a win-win game to happen.  Being part of any multilateral organization only allows for countries to lose their sovereignty.  It should be curious that is the European Union the biggest multilateral organization since they are the ultimate expression of how socialism has taken control of everything.

  • ‘Contradictions’ are all around us; I know well that Ms. Rand’s world enables the best and brightest of us to succeed beyond any limits and to celebrate our successes with our friends, families, communities and nations. However, she didn’t deal with the issues of the business of religion or affirmative actions or quotas for minorities in almost every developed or developing nation on this planet.

Ayn Rand didn’t deal with religion or affirmative action because she considered them to be evil and wrongdoings that existed only to destroy humanity.  Affirmative action exists only because some leaders think that there are different classes of humanity –some are better and some are lower-.  Religions have always existed because they were created as social instruments to control people’s minds by offering them an escape to their earthly sufferings and ills.

I’d love discussing these and more questions with you and I hope that this comments will be of some help.

Best regards,


3 comentarios

  1. […] Q and A on Ayn Rand’s ideas with Mr. Bhaskar Patel […]

  2. I have read and tried hard to understand Ms. Rand for about 30 years. Her world doesn’t exist and so far I am unable to find a way to make it work.

    Your responses are well researched and well explained but you don’t offer concrete & practical solutions.

    A few comments:

    1. Capitalism ensures survival & growth of the fittest. There is a winner and a loser. The winner may become greedy to the exclusion of the rest
    2. Have you ever seen the purest form of ‘capitalism’, as you describe it herein above, exist or succeed on a broad scale? why not?
    3 . Ms. rand may have considered certain elements or aspects of religion as evil but it is also a source of tremendous inspiration and healing in this world. How can you ignore it if you’re serious about curing the ills that harm our world
    4. Did Ms. Rand lead/live her adult life as she prescribed it? If not, why not?
    5. If you exclude the US & Canada, do you know of any significant bilateral relations for diplomacy and international commerce that is a win-win situation
    6. Without Government tax-rebates, subsidies, incentives, protection etc, do you believe private sector will invest in technologies, or utilities, or infrastructure projects or medicine? I am not taking about a small-business here?
    7. What is the source of ‘capitalism’? Who provides it? How did they accumulate it?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Bhaskar,

      in this link you’ll find a commentary to your questions: https://centrodecapitalismo.wordpress.com/2009/12/19/ayn_rand_ideas-part-2/

      Best regards,


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